Sabtu, 15 Maret 2014


My name is Aviel Daning Avreza, my tall is ± 182 cm, my weight is 68 kg, and you can call me aviel or reza guys. Now, i am university lecturer in Economic Faculity. I have a dream in the riil, my activities is inspired by motivation like i wannabe an auditor. Actually, i can’t describe of me but should you, other people who can give to appreciate to me. But, i will try to describe of my personal. Guys, mybe you may know, i live in ciganjur, South Jakarta. I have families like my parent, one of little sister, two of littel brother, and i am an older son. I also have some activities and characters. I have characters in studying, i will be more diligent if there is a trigger, then if i was sleeping, i would be old time to wake up. That is part of my bad, but it can still to change. Maybe, for positively                                                                           i am a nice responsibility if i get assignment which have to be done, can be
S   V    M              C
believed if i get it, etc. Then, i also have some activities beside to be male university student. I have some jobs on a week, i am as assistant of basic accounting laboratory in Gunadarma University, i work too in registered public accountant, and sometimes if i get a job for teaching of private, i will take over. Sometimes, i also active in community, namely is Deric (Depok Reptilie and Amphibie community).  One time, i have a pet like lizard from africa, name’s  origin is savannah monitor (Savmon), that’s which one of my habit. But, my pet had been sold since my schedule start to be busy. maybe, that's short overall my personal description.
NB:    S = Subject
V = Verb
M = Modifier
C = Complement

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